Trial House

Here are some render of the early stages of a house design i have in my head. I am yet to create internals or anything more advanced.

I’m only 15 but hoping to study architecture so any advice concerning modeling or the design will be greatly appreciated. Also any tips on textures or anything else please reply.


Not too bad for a start.
here’s a few crits:

-Water looks like plastic at the moment, make it less blue, add some foam and maybe a second layer beneath it or SSS to mimic light attenuation.

-The grass probably shouldn’t be growing right up to the waters edge. Put some rocks or sand in.

-The porch/deck things that stick out into the water seem to lack any kind of supports.

-The windows need cross-sections. It would be pretty reddiculous to use a single massive pane of glass to cover the side of the building. Especially being by the water like that where it’s probably very windy.

-You should use particle grass instead of a grass texture. It looks much, much better. If your computer can’t handle the particles though, try looking for a better grass texture.

-The textures on the building look unnatural and stretched. Did you UV map the building, you are you mapping the textures to orco?



Great start for 15 years old- or older. ha. I think on of the big windows would look great being shaped like a crescent. I agree with Asano that some particle grass would look nice. I like your sky. Also agree with Asano about the deck supports. I think it would benefit your model to have something to support that glass pane.

thanks for the feedback guys.

I was planning on splitting the pannels of glass but not sure how?
Yes, the decks definatly need supports.
The grass particel are a bit hectic due to suck a large area and the water im getting rid off…


You could just add in long thin cubes and place them inside the glass so they protrude out to section it off.

Indeed rendering that many particles would be intensive, but I would reccomend it anyway. It will make the image look much better. If your computer can’t handle it, you could render out the image in passes and composite it back together. Just split the ground plane up into a few sections.

Best of luck