Trial Tower Forest of the East

Final Results

Clay Version

If you pay attention to the title, you will see that I named it Trial Tower Forest of the East

This is because I wanted there to be a version for each direction.

Oh, by the way, I tried to make an asset package this time

It’s free and I’d like to see how other artists would use this pack if they want

If you have used this asset pack to make any art

You can @galazi_3dart on IG

I’m looking forward to seeing what different artists have done!

Free pack here




actually this is very nice! i love it. however, adding some sculpting to your building to make it a bit worn out and ruined would definitely make it feel more ancient/authentic. cuz it kinda looks perfect. anyways awesome work. keep it up

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I thought it looked very good when I finished the material part.
I really ignored the carving part
Thank you for the advice!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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