Trial with Environmental lighting.

Simple old model, no maps or prop
2.77b using adapted hdri add on and free low light level 360 hdri texture
makehuman and assortment of pbr textures for trials.
No use of external programs or UV mapping

I am using cycles
the materials are highly reflective and cause some bizarre
artefacts when rotating the model and the shadowing is ineffective
or appears non existent.
Any suggestions in handling this type of material on a complex shape welcome.

No 1 basic setup
No 2 exploring material setup
No 3 setting both exposure and gamma.

It still seems hit an miss and down to personal choice

Regards Blobs

That looks really good.

Waouw! The picture on your first post is amazing! I really like it.

But with that camera angle of the last one, the material is too shiny, too reflective for me.
Maybe increasing the roughness of the gloss shader?

But great model!!!

Please post your node setup, not using a PBR driven model can result in inconsistency. Your glossy is not rough enough, and there is too much of it.

However, your first picture was absolutely amazing!