TrialsLD. 2D moto trial demo.

I decided to recreate Trials HD cycle rig. Here is what i achieved after 4 hours of work. Using my rig system from this project.

up,down – accelerate and brake
left,right – move center of mass. (try to make bunny hop, he-he)
enter - restart level
space - lift cycle up (cheat hack)
esc - exit

I’m not planning to develop this into a full game. Fell free to mod, or use it in your creations.

Have fun!

2.49b blend file:
windows binary:

Haha this is pretty cool. xD
I played for 10 minutes. My first tip is to make the game a little easier cause the bike flips over a lot. :wink:

made a video, so check out, how i can handle this motorcycle.

Surely, i can make game easer. But my challenge is to use only honest physics.

that’s a cool game dude! :slight_smile: