triangle and quad import

(endi) #1

In my game development team, we work with 3dMAX. How can I import objects from MAX to Blender with QUADS?
All objects imported as dxf, vrml or the .obj export/import script converts the quads to triangles.

(Schlops) #2

You can convert quads to trias in edit mode by pressing Alt-J

(endi) #3

WOW, THANKS! :slight_smile:

(endi) #4

Hm… this is a good function, but not now for me.
We have an objectum with quad-faces (modelled in MAX). I need to import it to Blender WITH original quads.
But someshere the quads always converts to triangles… :frowning:

When I use ALT+J in Blender, the triangles are transforms to quads, but this is not the original quad-faced model. It is a distorted modell.

(endi) #5

Problem solved. With Wings3d, I can convert 3ds to vrlm with perfect quads. :slight_smile: