Triangle bounce rigid body and convex hull rigid bodies-why different behavior?

Hey all!

This is a topic I have been wondering about for a long time, and now I finally want to know why this is:
Rigid bodies with triangle mesh collision bounds act differently than convex hull rigid bodies, while theoretically using the same collision mesh. For example the default cube is a closed convex only mesh, it is a convex hull of itself. And the physics visualization reveals it, they have the same collision mesh. But when comparing the behavior of both a cube with convex hull and one with triangle mesh collision you will notice that the first one acts realistic and smoothly, while the triangle mesh collision object behaves strange and it bounces around.

This seems like a big problem for me, since for most objects you will need collision hulls that are concave, and using a lot of colliders avoiding concave shapes is not the right way in my opinion. (Also because ASAIK you cannot retrieve material information from a convex hull mesh using ray casts)

So does anyone know why this us or how one could avoid this?

Thanks for reading, I am really curious for your replies!