Triangle Meshes for Rigid Bodies

helloI’m reading “Mastering Blender” 2nd edition (it is a great book, BTW) and something in there has got me a little bit confused:In a chapter dedicated to the Bullet Physics Engine, where the author is discussing about “Collision Boundary Types” he says that the Triangle Mesh can only be used for static (non moving objects). There is even a tumbling glass and ball example with separate collision meshes and all to be able to work around this limitation.But when I go to the documentation, … there is nothing refering to that.I even made a very simple glass and ball tumbling simulation with a rigid-body triangle-mesh glass and a sphere for the ball and it looked very similar to the example on the book.Does anyone knows what the author is refering to? Would this be something that was like that before and the tutorial hasn’t been updated since the previous edition? Or this there something else that I’ve missed?BestBF.