Triangles!!! How bad is it?

Once again I am sorry for troubling the forum.Anyways, Are triangles bad for the mesh.If bad how bad are they? Or are they bad?. Will it totally kill the mesh or should we keep it as a thumbs up rule for not using them.It’s just a doubt and I think this is a good place to clear it.

Thnk u

This is a huge topic with a lot of factors, so don’t expect to get a straight answer. Or if you do, don’t believe it.

Basically, if what you’re modelling is the final mesh, triangles are fine.

If you’re going to use subsurfs, the matter is more complicated. Creating complex subsurf models with nothing but quads is a neat parlor trick. It has a place in portfolio pieces which are intended to show off your 1337 skillz, and in big budget productions where they can afford to have artists waste time altering the model’s topology to get rid of that last ngon or triangle. And even there that’s only for hero assets, particularly organic models that need to be deformed.

So there. If you’re showing off, keep to all quads. If you’re animating the model, keep to all quads. If not, go ahead and use whatever looks good. Personally I often accept ngons placed out of view as sinks for any unnecessary loops.