Triangles problems

Hi i’m doing a work for my school about 3D and Blender and i found myself in trouble when i tried to explain why is not recommendable to work with triangles while modeling.

I’ve been modeling for a year and i’m used to work with quads. Now I can’t get a photo example for “problem with triangles” for my work, can someone help me with that too?

Sorry for my english and i hope you can help me if you understand what I tried to say :smiley:

The main reason that most people try to stay away from triangles is because edge-loops end when two loops join at a triangle. This makes it harder to create UV mappings for textures, and make it harder to create armatures (for animation) that will not distort your model. Besides that, having good edge loops makes it much easier to model in the first place. Other than these there isn’t really any reason why you should not use triangles.

To show an example, add a cylinder and give it a subsurf modifier and you’ll see how the triangles mess up the model.

thanks for that replies, you had helped me a lot!