Triangulate and solid format


I would like to convert a general Blender model to an equivalent approximate model by using only triangles with a uniform given side.

Could you suggest the best way to achieve this, either within Blender default tools or addons, or with an external free software like Meshlab?

I would then like to have the model in a format that uses solids and not only surfaces, like ACIS (.sat), IGES or STEP (if I’m not wrong with any of these formats). Do you know any free way to convert a Blender exported file to any of these formats?

Thank you for the help.
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There is a decimate and triangulate modifier in Blender - there is remesh also, but it goes for quads (which you can triangulate afterwards). Exporting to Meshlab also should work.

I don’t know on the formats.

There is a menu for that. Select all faces first. Then menu select Mesh > Faces > Triangulate Faces, [Ctrl][T] hot key.

uniform side. impossible to do it in blender. maybe remesh then triangulate…

Remesh won’t help here too. It doesn’t necessarily create uniform quad grid. Indeed, your best bet would be using something like MeshLab.