Triangulated object smoothing & pivot points...

Hi All,

I was wondering if somebody could help me with a little challenge I’ve run into:

I’ve imported a Collada DAE file from C4D, which has maintained my beautiful animation, but triangulated all my object faces and prevents me from smoothing the mesh (Subdivision surface). As a possible solution, I’m trying to import the (static) object into Blender via OBJ (which maintains the quads) then align the object to it’s triangulated version.

Question 1:

Is there a way to maintain quads + animation coming out of C4D?

Question 2:

If not, what is the best method to convert the triangulated to quads or smooth? (like 3DS Max’s Turbosmooth)

Question 3:

Is there a straightforward way to align a child objects’ pivot point and orientation to that of its parent? The geometry is the same, but the child object has a different pivot point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

For question 2, there is a mesh option (in edit mode MESH>FACES>TRIS to QUADS) to convert tris to quads. Of course you’ll have to limit your selection if you wish to keep triangles that you have or need.

Do you have HyperNURBS on the object you are trying to import? That is a no no. Or, have you tried different import script?