Triangulation and Smoothing like in MeshLab


I’m trying to get Blender to triangulate a mesh coming from an OBJ file for use in Substance Painter and subsequently in Unreal Engine 4. My problem with the regular Triangulate modifier (or Ctrl+T for that matter) is that it results in a very “rough” mesh.

MeshLab on the other hand seems to triangulate perfectly, however it completely messes up the UVs, rendering them unusable further down the pipeline (SP and UE4).

So my question is: how can I replicate what MeshLab does in Blender, without adversely affecting the UVs?

I’ve attached a screenshot comparing MeshLab’s and Blender’s triangulation. I want to replicate the model on the left (made using MeshLab) in Blender so that the UVs remain intact.

Any help is appreciated, I’ve wasted so many hours on this already with no solution in sight… :frowning:


Found the problem: I had to switch shading to “smooth”.