Tribal flame

Hi. I was working on this one and I have little question for you guys: Is there any chance to get toon edges to yafray render? or should I do it afterwards in paint shop pro. or adding some shadows? :-?
suggestions please :slight_smile:

Yafray render

…and regural with edges

AFAIK, YAFray does not support coloured edges/toon render.

I like the design very much. What is wrong with the Blender render?It looks good as well.


I like this.

yafray support only texures faking reality. The blender toon edges are a trick of blender. But i would add that you dont need yafray everwhere and for this work blender internal is perfect.

Cool design, I like the blender internal render. If you want the yaf render for its shadows, i suggest playing with blender’s lights a bit more. You can accomplish some pretty cool stuff with blender’s normal renderer. (and there’s always PP. :))

again, I love the design!

If you really want toon edges on the yafray render, you could composite them. Set all your materials in blender to white and shadeless, that way you get just the edges. Then in your paint program (gimp, photoshop, whatever) open your yafray render, then put the blender edges only render on top of it and set it to darken only.

Oh, and I like the design!

Use The blender raytraceur render with edge setting :o

still wip :expressionless:
still testing :slight_smile:


Thank you wery much :smiley:
This is what I was looking for.
I had to chance darken to multiply 'cos otherwise edgelines would been too thin. I’ll send the bigger version to finished projects when i get it done 8) thanks to all for help.