tribal tattoo

hey all here is a blender made tribal tattoo
let me know if the image shows up
I would like to here what you think :slight_smile:

Very interesting,

Been experementing with 2D from 3D myself for a while but this is a very different direction than mine.

Check out some of the stuff by the Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Lab. Similar flavour but different art.

Tattoos really hurt btw. Get drunk first.


I like it…I was thinking of getting a tattoo similar to this.

Ahh! No! Bad!
If you get a tattoo when you’re drunk, you bleed all over the place. Dunno why, but it seems to reduce the clotting of your blood. Some tattoo artists don’t mind, but some hate it and won’t work on drunk people (the latter tend not to work with many bikies).

Really, it’s not that bad. Sort of a burning sensation.

Anyway, WRT to the design, it’s pretty cool. My only crit is that there are a few sharp corners on some of the curves that break the flow of the design. Maybe use Bezier curves to smooth them out.

Cool! There are a few sharp edges that dont’s fit into the rest, like thornae already mentioned, but it already looks good.

It has the shape of Suzanne!

very nice. What technique do you use?

  • emk

It looks like Suzanne.

looks good, but why you’d use blender for 2d vector graphics is beyond me…

thanks all
Suzanne! lol !
Its a little easier to visualize something in blender and then use that as a
reference for a pin & ink drawing…for me anyway :slight_smile:


Nicely done. I think this could do a nice tatoo indeed.
Tatoos do not really hurt but if you do this one in a big format, like your whole back or something likewise, you might feel it for quite a long time. Being drunk is a bad idea before a tattoo. Being drunk is perhaps cool when blendering. Using a blender to mix alcohol is definitely a great idea.

Mixing your tattoos with a drunk blender is definitely a strange idea.

And typing a text when being tattoed by a drunk artist wishing he was blending … is just terrible :smiley: