tribes 2 herc

(AN][ARES) #1

i made this herc for the tribes 2 universe and computer game. the model is my own work, but the textures are from the tribes 2 vehicles merged into this herc.

(blengine) #2

great model! looks a lil too organic for a mech in some spots, but its real good

(S68) #3

Cool model… the setting is funny… is it a toy?


(AN][ARES) #4

like i said… it is a model for a computer game called tribes 2 and the way it looks fits IMO very good in this game. the hole game looks like this (except anti aliasing and reflections)

(LohnS) #5

i only got 2 PC games, operation flashpoint and Tribes 2. man that game ROCKS!!!

very cool rneder man, i’ve been thinking of making a shrike or bomber. Maybe even a havoc =D

(AN][ARES) #6

everything already done :smiley:

this was just a show-all-my-cool-stolen-and-retextured-models pic :smiley:

or this is a wallpapers for the game. not very good i think, but tribes 2 players may like it

(S68) #7


Like it :slight_smile: