Tribute to Fallen American Heroes

If you’re not an American, you don’t need to watch this:

Edited entirely in Blender. Critiques welcome.

I think you post it in the wrong sub-forum. It didn’t related with the topic:finished projects.

It’s a finished VSE project. Where else would I put it? Animations?

It could go in either. Usually people put animations, finished or not, in the animation category, but since it’s a finished project, it doesn’t really matter since it still counts.

Edit: Bit tired right now so I’m like 65% sure, but if I’m wrong, feel free to shove it in my face exactly where it says animations don’t belong in Finished Projects.

This in no way involves Blender

^It says so right in the description that the video was edited together using Blender. However, I kinda agree that it doesn’t really seem too relevant to Blender otherwise as you could use almost any video editing software to do that nowadays.