Tribute to Ghost in the Shell

I’m with the general consensus, here. Very nice work.

man this is amazing I like the detailed model, alot

I am envious, amazing work!!


wonderful work, I am envious.:yes::yes:

Thanks Gaut.C and it is always a pleasure to post images here :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks alf0 :slight_smile:

Superb. I really like the pose and the lighting.

Thanks ambi :slight_smile: I worked a lot on the lighting. It started with Pro lighting and altered it manually :slight_smile:

Some more details :slight_smile:

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This is REALLY amazing stuff man. Thank you!!!

Thanks you :slight_smile: I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Well done my dear friend!! this is looking epic!!

I de-clare that is quite the tease in-deed! I’m loving the work here!

Thanks Alberto :slight_smile: I always appreciate your comments :slight_smile:

god damn! i dont see myself having enough patient to do all this crazy amount of modeling, you guys must have a lot of passion in this project to be able to pull it off. much respect.

Mother of Pearl!! The sheer level of detail is daunting. Man oh man.

Hey, incredible work.

Are you interested in rendering your scene with a new beta open source VFX renderer?

Thanks :slight_smile: Yeah why not :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Many thanks guys :slight_smile:

Impressive work! Q: How many samples did you use for final renders and at what resolution? It just looks so crisp, i like it. )