Tribute to Harry Eng

Tribute to Harry Eng.


Huh, no comments?

It looks cool, though after skimming through the site, I wonder if it shouldn’t have a bolt through it or something to really be a tribute to him. :slight_smile:

Do you prefer this one ?


oh yeah you got him there alright bob :wink:

yeah it’s looking pretty good but work a little bit more with the dices textures.

I just came across this - thank you so much for taking the time to make these lovely pieces of art as a tribute to my late father. It means so much to my family and me that people remember him and continue to honor his memory in so many ways.
Do you happen to own any of his bottles? Did you meet my father?

I didn’t understands the topic here!
Tribute? family and remember?
and this is the site if of Harry Eng ?
as for the art cool like it. why not take it to post-pro. :smiley:

Sorry if I confused the topic. Did not mean to. Just wanted to express my feelings about someone remembering my father.
If you would like to contact me directly - instead of here - please do so!
[email protected]