Tribute to Magritte

Here is a picture inspired by Magritte’s painting Le Vent I rendered it with Yafray:

I just made this other version with Blender Internal now that lightcuts allows for GI:

Do you think any is worth being in a decent demo reel? If so, which one?

Nobody? I’m about to render the edited reel and still fear making a mistake :slight_smile:

I prefer the 1st one, just because the reflections on the spheres are much nicer. The 2nd one looks too foggy.

Thanks to you and to all those who voted. Mostly the first one was voted for, however I still put the second one in my reel because the format fit easier for TV screens. I hope it’s not too bad. I may correct this at the next edition of my reel…

I voted the second one that introduce an interesting mood but there is too much fog in it. So if you lower the fog I think its better.

I voted none, but only because I think you should take the fog down a few steps to see the orbs better like in the first image… so I think you do one that is a mix of both.

Yes thanks for interesting views, I will really take these comments into account for the next edition of my demo reel, as this one is already burnt to dvds and sent around :o…

I’m inclined to vote neither, but that might be just cause I can’t understand what I’m looking at. It looks a bit like coffee beans in space. I’ve heard that it’s a bad idea for demo reels/portfolios to have overtly CG-ish stuff in them, like abstract renderings of geometrical shapes or scrolling tunnels and stuff. I’m not saying that’s what you’ve made here exactly but it doesn’t seem particularly to tell any story, exhibit much personality, or recreate something with naturalistic detail.

I understand your point, the story told by this picture would be one pretty similar to 2001, a space odissey :slight_smile: except being also a response to the work of the painter René Magritte…

If I should vote myself now and remake my demo reel, I would not try to force this old work of mine into it, because I just saw Carlos Baena’s (ILM) principles for a good demo reel, and it sounds convincing: " Any image that you have doubts about, don’t include it! "