Tribute to Matt Groening

Hi guys,
I just finished this small tribute to Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons and Futurama. After Emily 2.1 I’ve had enough work and I could not upload images of the process, sorry …

What a coincidence, I just saw in the header jackdarton has also created another bender, lol! He has done a great job, congrats!

I hope you like it!

Greetings and happy blending!



Great work man, the atmosphere, colours, and composition are top notch. The only thing I would change is how metallic Bender is. I understand why you went the way you did, he looks closer to how he does in the actual series, but as the rest of the scene is realistic, I’d have gone for a realistic material too.

I love it though, keep up the great work!


Jackdarton thank you very much for your words,
As you say I did it to make it more like the series and I did also more rugged because rivaled glass jar. Perhaps also he needed more work … :o


That’s a really nice render.

I like how the background just blurs and fades away. How did you get that effect? Is it Cycles or BI? Also, did you do any post processing?

@Scorpius Hello and thanks,

the background is a simple box with a volume scatter fog. It is rendered in Cycles. The post production has Fog Glow, Lens Distortion and added cigar smoke with Photoshop. I hope that useful.

A greeting.

pretty cool, I like it :slight_smile:

Great work! Do you have a high-res version of it? I would love to have this printed as a poster for my studio :smiley:

Thanks @Blade113

Thank you @julperado! I’m glad you like it enough to make a poster. 2880 x 1620px is the original resolution. If you give me your e-mail you sent it.