Tribute to the old game netstorm "Netstorm Meshes"

Basically a tribute to the old game called netstorm also lol I was bored and wanted to do the meshes!
All meshes are inspired from the old RTS game netstorm still a classic game :slight_smile:

I was playing Netstorm when it came out on demo and got the full game when it was out, I played as much Netstorm as I did Unreal and UT99 when they came out.

wow, you’re certainly dedicated :smiley:

Have you considered texturing more? The balloons and (islands are they? I can’t remember - they look sort of like rock pools in your pictures) look much better with the colours.

Yes meshes will be skinned when I am finished doing all the meshes, I just want to get all the basic models finished then work on texturing them. the resource pool in the picture is just a temp one including the floating insland virsion of it. I want to do a new one once I get all the units and buildings finished that are closer to the one’s in the pictures from the game.