Trick Shot 2004

I call it Trick Shot 2004 - i still have to add motion blur and focal depth and tweak some textures but what do you think of it so far?

I like the general idea, but I have trouble seeing any of the details, and it looks rather pixelated and noisy. Make a bigger render and then we can give some better C&C, but as it is I can hardly tell.

here is a bigger render:

there is alot of noise on the wall and on the top as i wanted the wall to have texture and the table top is felt so it needs a little something - perhaps its too much or something…

as i said it isn’t finished so tweaking comes next. the reflections only show part of the detail of the project. On all walls are something and the reflections between them really add to the effect.

C&C now?

It needs to be lit better. Do a render without any AO if you’re using it, so I can see it better. All of the noise really distracts from the picture. The balls have a bit of texture issues - the 8 for example is not round on the ball. The detail is being entirely lost for some reason, perhaps lighting. The reflections looks quite odd as well, though I assume you’re using raymir. Try a post wo/ AO.

One word:




with 16 osa i can’t get any better! :frowning:

i will post a non ao as sson as i can! ya i dont’ know what is causing that circle issue - i will make a higher res texture perhaps. Thanks i’ll keep it updated! :wink: - ha, no ao! :smiley: - better lighting no ao better lighting and ao 16 no osa

I like the last one pretty well but it makes the speckle on the table and wall stand out to much instead of blending them together. The speckel shoudl be gone when i add mblur but for right now it takes to long so i figured i’d get all the crits on textures and stuff then post the final render. One thing that draws back from not having ao is that the pocket doesn’t get the right darkness like in the very first image i ever posted - but what do you think? :wink:

there is a 75% image without ao and with 16 osa and mblur and focal blur! It turns out to be perfect without ao but i need to fix the trailers from the balls moving in a horizontal motion. What do you think? :wink:

Quick thought - should i make the 8 ball motionless since it is in focus?

not if it is also moving in relation to the camera.
nice pic.

thanks! :wink: is it finished then (i have decided to make the 8 ball stay still so that would ge the finished picture) or are there more crits or suggestions?

I haven’t messed with motion blur too much. So I’m not sure exactly how much can be done with it.

What do you think about putting a much more drastic motion blur on the que ball than the other balls? Drastic, as in motion seen from almost off camera to its current location. Kind of an “onion skin” look.

Even better would be a motion blur that shows some sort of action off that back rail… giving it more a sense of a “trick” shot.

In my opinion, the current blur doesn’t make much sense. Rather than looking like motion, it just looks like it is out of focus. The 8-ball almost looks like it is just vibrating in place, rather than rolling in any particular direction.

Also, with a name like “Trick Shot 2004”, it leaves me wanting to know just what the trick is! It’s not obvious to me from the image what is or is about to happen.

Anyways, hope some of my rambling gives you some inspiration!

How are you using mblur? Are you animating it and then blurring it? (I assume this is what you’re doing.) What in the world is the 8 doing? and how are all of those balls moving all of those different odd directions? Are they just spontaneously fleeing from each other? It looks quite odd. I also think something needs to be in focus, whatever it is.

all balls are spinning in different directions along the horizontal and vertical axis of each ball and then they are moving over a space of 50 frames like this:

q ball moving from off screen to current position
8 ball is currently moving slightly (which will be stopped and won’t be spinning)
the 15 is moving up the bank
the 1 ball is moving from q to pocket

8 ball is in focus but the motion of it causes melee with the images so i am going to make it stationary (most shots don’t even touch the 8 ball - kiss of death!)

as for the trick there isn’t really one - it is just a cool title! I suppose i could make another one invovling the classic soda bottle trick but as is it was just a quick render to see what the blur could do. I am not finished as i just said this is just the test render the real trick shot is to come and I still have to add a arkansas line and chalk block - if anyone can suggest other things to add that would be great!

like i said i take well to comments and crits so let me have em! :wink:

Cool… yeah, then I think if you can intensify the motion blur on both the que and the 1, that would be a good way to really focus in on the action of the shot.

i’ll do that! also if there is going to be more mblur do to faster motion of the balls should i tone down the focus more?

Couldent complain its beautiful!

thanks blende! well if there are no more crits i’ll call it a night and render big in the morning! thanks all!