Trick Shot 2004

Trick Shot 2004 (don’t know if it is a winner that is for you to decide!) So what do you think? A good first render fo focal and motion blur? no scripts or plugins were used it is just pure blender!

Question: Why does the lil blur chalk cube look like it is moving?
From the look of the scene only the cue ball and the yellow ball should appear to be moving.

the chalk is out of focus and the camera is moving causing a simulated motion (it wasn’t exactly desired but that is what happens!

the 15 ball is moving up the bank into the pocket as well so it too should be moving but it’s good you paid attention to notice things like that!

thanks! :wink:

Okay… I love pool. I’m a decent pool player. On a really good day, with a good break, I can damn near clear the table before you’ve gotten a turn. What I want to know is how this is happening. I looks like someone just threw three balls onto the table and then blurred the shot trying to catch them moving, and thus has a picture of blurry balls, none of which have any relation to each other, and a blurry table due to camera movement, and blurry chalk 'cause they threw that too. Um. I like the render. I like the idea. I do not like the fact that it doesn’t even look like someone is playing pool.

I remember a few weeks ago playing pool at my friends house, i broke and 6 balls went in, unfortunately only half of them were solids so I didn’t gain much except honor :smiley:

As to the picture, just blur the balls that are moving and the background, no need to blure anything else really

I didn’t mean to blur anything else! I just wanted everything except the 8 ball out of focus (look at the back wall moulding to see how much focus i used) then i used key framing over a space of 15 seconds with all the balls moving.

The shot isn’t really anything - i don’t claim that it is. If it is anything - the player is to the left of the camera on that far bank and is shooting the que to the one ball which goes into the pocket. The 15 ball is moving up the bank (how? i don’t know)

As i said in the wip this isn’t the final render but rather just a final render. The real trick shot will be of the que ball jumping and knocking the 15 out from under neath the eight which are both sitting ontop of a soda bottle and then the 15 hits the one and the one goes in. I will have that in a few days i guess.

Until i finish the next shot C&C are still welcome! :wink:

You may have tried for out-of-focus but what you actually got was a blur. You could solve the problem with compositing.

But besides… who would actually shoot a pool-table with a depth-of-field that small? They wouldn’t. It would take an incredibly wide-angle lens to do that, and it would generate the wrong effect; as it did here.

If I am looking at any shot of a pool-table, I expect the whole table to be in-focus. I expect only one object to be out, and that would be the ball that is moving. I expect the blur to clearly denote motion.

Well, if you do want dof I suggest the zblur plugin.


Thanks i’ll just see if i can tone it down abit as i just don’t want the background and the back pocket to be very focused the rest i actually wanted to be in focus originally! - I’ll see what i can do if i do anything at all when or if i make the actual shot as i am alittle busy right now. Thanks anyway guys - i really appreciate it! :wink: