Tricks to "soft" clip the camera?

Hi folks,

Imagine i have an object coming towards my camera from far away.

When i reaches the clipping distance i don’t want it to suddenly appear, but instead to “come out of the fog” over, say, 10 meters distance.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tricks for me to do this? What’s the cheapest (Cycles render-wise) way?


That is a solution, you can use a world fog. That is the only practical way i guess. The other method was used in games from the early 2000, Gothic was the first game i know, you can blend in from alpha while the object comes near, but you have to tweak all the materials. Maybe it can be done in renderpasses and compositor, but afaik there is no easy way.

Thanks dude, i got it working with a huge cube and a “volume absorption” material … i’m using very long motion blur shutter times, like 100 frames, (for long “trails”) so this is probably the only way sowieso … but it works perfect!

You can add a Mist Pass and have it start and end right around the far clipping plane. Calculate the depth to end right at the clipping plane.

Here the clipping plane is at 200 feet. The Mist Pass starts at 190 with a depth of 10. It is set to Quadratic falloff. This is the render result in cycles showing only the Mist Pass.