Tricky to use, but extremely powerful!

“Strange interface, but a very powerful piece of software.”

Been reading this and was interested to see blender mentioned. Being limited in knowledge of other 3D modeling programs, I though this was interesting. Actually, I know NOTHING about other programs, and seeing this makes me think I may not need to know for some time.

Glad to hear this! :smiley:

Blender, its the… BLEND!!!

PS - I failed to mention that using “strange” and “tricky” software makes me happy… :wink:

Thats awsome. And strange and trick make me happy also because I as well as most people on this forum have understood the interface and have been able to make somthing with it. :smiley:

Thanks for that link.

Thats a pretty nice list of freeware tools, although I’m amazed that the author did not list Wings among the modelers. %|