Tricycle (Finished Texturing 16-2-06)

Started making a tricycle for my abandoned places scene, but decided im now gona make it as a seperate model then add it in to the scene after.

modeled it by eye from a photo so far but i think proportion are a bit out so might have to sketch a side view to use as a blueprint.

Nice start
This is going to be a big prodject i see :o

Nice modeling…! very detailed, and clean… Must take loads of time, making the whole tricycle that detailed…!

Well it doesn’t really matter if it’s a little out of proportions…? noone will ever see the real one, i guess… but for self-satisfaction, maybe? =)

Keep it going… looks awesome…!

With that much detail already it definately looks like it’s going to have centerpiece possibilities. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

This is sensational! Wow.! That mesh is looking marvelous. I seriously can’t wait to see more progress. Keep this up!! =- )

Beutiful mesh! Will be looking in on this one…

Thanks for your comments, heres an update

Looks good.
How did you do the spokes?
With Spin dup?

I done the spokes by creating the first one and then a mixture of duplicate and linked duplicates , then lots of rotatiions about the centre of the spidle or the centre of the spoke hole.
I can go into more detail of how i done it if any one would like to know. i dont think the way i have done it is strictly true to how a wheel is built as i have two spokes pulling from one side then two from the opposite side of the spindle but i think they should alternate.

Little bit of an update - redone the spokes , added spoke nipples and peddle arms

Superb modelling. Looks great. No criticism here.

Looks good. I have only 2 crits. In comparison to your reference image, the back tires need a taller sidewall profile, and the fender needs to be more rounded at the ends. Other than that, it looks great. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Cheers blacksheep

Niteowl - yea the back tires are not quite right im sorting that now as for the mudguard on front ive only roughed that out so far

edit - done changes to back tires and change pic in above post

wow this is a very very good model Hazza, looking forward to see how it turns out with textures on it… great work!

Im struggling now, trying to model the handle bars but cant figure how to make them curve smoothly in two directions, so far any curves on tubes i have been able to use spin. Any guidance on how best to achive this please.

Nice work, kick ass model! Don’t worry keep on going. :smiley:

Wow, great job Hazza!

The one thing I would say is to make the pedals a bit bigger. Compared to the rest of the trike, they should be a bit bigger.

What lighting did you use? I really like that…

For the lighting i have spotlamp to the right of the camera slightly above and pointing downwards towards model, another one directly opposite the first one pointing upwards and then a lamp at the camera position at the same height as the first camera (all light settings are default settings). Im also using AO 12 samples - random sampling - both - plain.