Tried and true work flow?

I am nearing completion of the modeling phase of my first project.

This leaves: rigging, texturing, lighting and animation.

Just curious if the order matters much? I guess specifically I want to know if it makes much difference if I texture or rig first?


In my opinion it doesn’t matter if you texture or rig first, actually I usually do them at the same time (a little texture, a little rig, etc…).
Of course is better to have the model textured before adjust the lightning, and it must be rigged for the animation… :smiley:


If you’re planning to uv map your model, I would rig first. Sometimes when you rig, you realize that you should have modelled something differently. If you’ve already invested the time into uv creation, then that time is shot. Rig. Texture. Then light and animate.

harkyman -

Thanks! That makes sense and was the kind of insight I was looking for.