Tried faking cloth with bump/alpha textures in cycles

I tried faking cloth with bump/alpha textures in cycles.

What it looks like in cycles:

Up close:

Here is the node setup:


Alpha mask:

Pretty nice result! Clever setup as well.

very good result.

Nice one, maybe you could try to put the cloth over a lamp, too see if it does fake a thin sss shader, or maybe i’ll do that by myself :slight_smile:


I tried making a translucency mask as well to fake light transmission, but I couldn’t see any real difference.

I will try making a more pronounced one later.

Ok let us know about your progress!


Alright, tried to fake the sss, seems to work alright though its slow, just used the existing bump map texture.

I think with better maps it could look a lot better. It also doesn’t play well with a mesh that has any thickness to it.

In fact it could probably be improved in hundreds of ways.


Quick render (Icosphere with purple emission shader and plane with subdivision and cloth simulation.

Not bad, i’ll do some tests too…are you rendering with gpu or cpu?

CPU, the first one was done on my (pretty fast) laptop, the second one was a lot slower because it was done on a netbook.


negativa has posted a optimised lampshade material in cycles test thread.maybe useful here.

Thanks for sharing