Trifolium - Short Film (made in 6 days)

So started block modelling a space ship. That got out of hands really quickly and then it got more out of hands. Took some mixamo characters and made a short story. Also a did cameo role with green screen :grimacing: .


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So, the scenes with the docking control station-thing, the underground gardening facility and the growing plant look great and sci-fi-ish, which Iā€™m sure is what you aimed for, but the story is not very appealing. It is a good performance for only 6 days, however. My suggestion for creating a short film in a few days would be to try creating some sort of Lego animation: the minifigures are easy to rig and the scene can also be set up easily, using the software LeoCad or importing LDraw models into Blender with an addon. I did not really try making a short film, out of laziness and lack of time.:wink: