Trigger a Ragdoll?

I am making a FPS game (typical I know, I am focusing more on dynamics such as freedom of movement and open worlds) and I want the enemy to turn into a rag doll when they die. Anyway to do that?

Like I wan’t them to have bones so I can animate them, but I also want them to be a ragdoll when they die. The only way I thought it was possible was to add constraints to each bone? I’m kind of in the dark here. I’ve never attempted this and all FPS blender games I’ve seem has had animated deaths.

Any help is appreciated.

I have a ragdoll that walks :smiley:

So - Spawn rag doll based on player orientation move all limbs to match armature

parent all “handels” for IK for armature to each RBJ bone

Initiate :smiley:

I use ragdolls to run sometimes :smiley: (see physics test) (turn off physics visualisations)

WSAD Mouse Space bar and anything else I did :smiley:

Wrectified grab and move can align objects using forces and torque :smiley:


WrectifedGrabAndMove.blend (534 KB)physicsTest.blend (7.35 MB)

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