Trigger Render from python

For my first python project, I can’t find a Render scene and save rendered picture method in the docs…

Anyway, any help to a newbie is quite appreciated. Thanks.


Scene.Render, maybe? The docs have a nice example.

stiv: I had seen Scene.Render in the old docs, and somehow, I couldn’t find it in the current release (I need probably some sleep, or a new brain and some glasses). That’d me me here: :o
Thanks. Shame on me for not trying.

Arnaud :expressionless:

OK: how about saving the picture itself? I can trigger the rendering, but I need to save a bunch of pictures. Any ideas for this ? Thanks .


and while I’m asking basic questions: can I align a text from a script (I have a long text with a line break, and I would like to have it aligned centrally)… Dream on.


Do you mean you want to align a script? This is impossible, since indentation will change your code. If you mean aligning a text object in Blender:

:smiley: this is way cool. :Z 8) … How come when I was calling the doc, it’s not that one poping? Oh well…

Thanks. That will be nice. By the way: it’s for a good cause: I’m trying to print Pine Wood Derby certificates that are automatically merged with the names of the kids and what award they got (since very kid has a best this or best that, I work for the entire pack). By hand that was daunting.

Now that works. Thanks very much. Tomorrow, I will refine that script (mainly to see how align behaves: I hope it aligns form the start of the cursor, but it’s too late to find out).

Tripple Cheers. :smiley: :smiley:


I don’t know. But the new api (for blender 2.41) isn’t available for viewing online yet. And the reference to the 2.40 api (the links I gave you) was deleted.
See for yourself: