Triggering baked physics with a keyframe

My goal is to have dust fall every time my character punches a door. I have no problem getting the particles to work. I just have no clue how to play the baked particle sim to play at whatever time I want it to play at. I am using 2.58

You need to set the Start and End frames for the particle emission to when your character punches the door.

Well that was certainly less complicated than I imagined. Do I make a particle system for each event that I want to trigger a particle shower or is there some way to use the same one multiple times?

currently you need one system per event :confused:

As Gottfried said. The easiest way would be to add a new particle system to your emitter, then in the settings box select the particle settings for your original system, click on the 2 that shows up next to it to make it single user and then just change the start and stop times.

Thank you very much. I found that I am able to set the lifetime to a minimum of 1 with keyframes, which almost does what I was wanting. I wonder why they decided on 1 as the minimum.

Plus, is there some way to pre-simulate a few frames of the particle sim so you can have it running full speed right off the bat?