Triggering sound with animation

Greetings to all

I’ve ran onto a bit of a sound sync problem, and I thought of a solution and also tried the solution however it failed. :no:

My question is:

Is it at all possible to get a sound to be triggered at a certain time in an animation?

Reason I’m asking is, I have a character inspecting his suit and weapon, as this happens the character takes a look at the weapon, and the weapon deploys itself ready for use, as the weapon deploys, I would like to get a sound to play at that very moment where the weapon deploys. This all happens in First-person mode, with the weapon on the suit’s left arm. :yes:

Is this in any way possible? Python wise or non-python wise.

I’ve tried both the delay sensors together with the key that starts the action and the sound does not react to anything, (even after setting the delay time in logic ticks).

It is indeed!
On the animation actuator, there is an option to set the current frame to a property.
Create a float/int property, name it and assign that name to the box in the actuator.
Then, use a property sensor or python to detect when the frame (property) is at the required value to trigger the animation.
Hope it helps! agoose77

Thanks a million for the help agoose77. :smiley:

I’ve got so many doors that just opened with that. Hehe I’ve never really used that option before because I wasn’t quite sure where one would need it.

The sound matches perfectly. :smiley: I’ll be posting a video of the whole thing when its done, thought this all happens in the game engine.

Thanks again.