Trigun - Vash's Gun

More Perspectives as requested by Rogper:

C&C appreciated. mostly working on modeling here, materials and lightning arn’t really my strong point.

Way cool Man!!!
The only diferences I’m spoting:
Vasho za Stampido :stuck_out_tongue: Gun has some letters written on the side and some more screws here and there, but it definitely looks awesome, great job :slight_smile:
Could you show some more diferente angles?

Great gun! Seems very powerful.

The only thing I would change, is the length of the handle. Just an opinion :smiley:

You could improve the model using a better metallic material too.

Added some new angled shots. I’d add the text but I don’t know what it says lol

@Kyokushinkai2: Yeah, I think it may be a little bit off, but it preserves the out of whack anime proportions and shows how fat the gun really is.

I´ve looked for the text in the gun. It has some right above the triger and some more in the side of the … ^_^! I don’t know how it´s called… hum! between the screws, but seems to doesn’t exist any clear image of it and in the tV series most of the time isn’t even there, so you defenetly have there a awesome Vash Gun :yes:
Thanks for the extra angles, it looks amasing from them all :cool: Great Job

I do like the model. Great job. I haven’t seen the cartoon in awhile…so this may be due to the ref’s you used, BUT…the barrel of the gun is a bit out of place. Check and see where the hammer in your model is falling…imagine it firing a round…then making a brand new hole in the top front part of your slide there…right above the hole you modelled for the barrel.

For your model to be funcitonal, either the hammer needs to be lowered so that it would impact the bullet in the bottom chamber sending it effectively out of the hole you modelled. Or you’d have to raise the hole to the same level the hammer is on. If I were to fire it in its present state…the gun would literally explode.

You may just be going for the look though…and not functionality.

Heh, yeah I don’t really know much about guns. you’re right though, the hammer should be lower.