Hi, I’am trying to measur an real object to get an 3d-blender-object for 3d-printing. I’am thinking about mesuring 3 point exactly in 3d space an than measure the distance to a 20-30 other point from the 3 reference points and than do some Trilateration calculation to span up a plan or a curve between the point. so how is it possible to get list of 3 length values of distances to absolute xyz point-cordinates. I know how to install new python modules if necessary. I find this script: but has no idea how to get it work in blender - or is there a ready to work plugin to set a single vertex from a given origin by give 3 distanzes measurings of one of the two possible points that are logigcal from this measurments. The background is to build a new frame for a window of a sailingboat. the shape is a 3 dimention curve. any idea is wellcome.

You can try doing a photogrammetry of your model. Make sure to place extra markers with colored tape around the surface so you can get help the tracker better.

Then create a cube with the same dimension as the real world object, and try to scale your scanned model accordingly. So it fits perfectly. Scale the scanned model by cursor position, not from object origin, so you can fit it better into the template object.

Eventually since the the scanned model might be bit rough, don’t spend time cleaning it. Just do a remodel to get the basic shapes. You only need the coordinates most importantly rather than the actual vertices.

Try this first since is more practical and see if it works.

If it doesn’t, it means that eventually your suggestion is a better way, so we will have to look at this instead. :slight_smile: