Trillion dollar coin incoming?

Let’s kick the can down the road a little further so someone else has to deal with the consequences. Apparently a law professor says the army should force the minting at gunpoint if POTUS and SCOTUS aren’t on board with the idea.

This was just a proposal created by one of the most radical people currently in power, not really anything there is widespread support for to make a bill that creates it to pass (at least for now, especially after the last election).

Though it dovetails into a warped financial view many people hold now especially among the young, that being the belief they are entitled to the good life without having to do anything themselves. The last few years already saw a close call with couch potato actually becoming a viable career option, a lot of people do not seem to realize that the mint is not the government’s magic wealth creation machine (because of how money obtains and holds ‘value’) and do not seem to think how they will get the goods they want if no one is actually doing work.