trim curve in blender

see that. and this is the latest news for today
and don’t know when it is going to be released

That’s amazing.
On now dense mesh can we use it? On a ~200k dyntopo for instance.

Looks great,looking forward to using it.

So is this really coded in C as of now or is it currently a Python addon?

By the looks of it, I could see it being an amazing utility for Dyntopo because of how this would allow the easy creation of holes in the mesh without booleans. This would pretty much make Dyntopo almost complete in terms of what shapes can be made without leaving sculpt-mode.

Looks like quick boolean to me.

This is totally cool!

It reminds me handwritting behaviour of knife before bmesh, too.

I find the use of handwriting knife the most useful in sculpting.
It’s like cutting pieces of clay, spontaneously.
There is something similar in zbrush - dynamesh but takes a few clicks and it’s not accurate always.
The best tool I have used (from this perspective of usability) is voxels-mode 3dcoat.


this is almost identical to the trim brushes in ZBrush, which don’t require dynamesh at all. Have you tried those?

Of course I have tried them. They don’t require dynamesh, they do a lot of other nice tricks too.
But, from a traditional sculptors perspective, voxels-3dcoat is far the most spontaneous. Unfortunately, the behavior of 3DC brushes isn’t good for me.
ZBrush is full of tricks. Too many, to call it a tool for spontaneous sculpting. It lacks of simplicity.
Now, can I imagine this curve trim operation to take place inside sculpting mode? On the T panel?

wow, that is great! i most look forward to the part where we can handdraw a curve and then use it to cut, so valuable for sculpting!

This is a tool really interesting,actually what is really needed to have a spontaneous workflow in dynamic sculpting(I’m still waiting for a sculpting tool for carving people,where you can subtract and not only add,only 3dcoat is able to do this,but it has some bugs,a bit too many for my taste)

renderdemon, if you wish you can carve with blender too, you can use every sculpting brush with the alt key, and then it substracts… i tried this, since i do carve, and it works. the trim tool will be a great addition!

Thanks Doris,but I know this… when I say “subtract” I mean subtracting topology,carving holes.
I like to carve volumes,and at some point you need to create holes,now the workflow for doing holes it’s not so streamlined as it could be.

Hey guys!
I didn’t even know this was on BA, didn’t realize people would be so into this script haha.
To answer your questions:
This script works off booleans
The units are in blender unity (fixed after the video)
you can use it on very dense meshes if you are patient as long as you are aware of the division spacing, set it too low and you will crash blender from creating such a massive boolean.
Coded as a python addon
It will be released after beta testing, Jonathan Williamson and Kent Trammel are testing this so I can release it to you bug free-ish.

Cuts a mesh based on a grease pencil stroke or existing curve
Cuts from view axis
can cut from 3D cursor, X or Y view axis
cyclic option for creating holes or insets or carving out bits
option to reverse direction
option to reverse boolean
apply trim to choose whether to apply and continue or show boolean object before applying
option to return to sculpt mode or object mode so as not to interrupt the sculpting workflow

v 0.1 (video)

  • initial addon
    v 0.2
  • fix distance vectors to blender units
  • fix rotations
  • Undo working correctly
    v 0.3
  • fix crashing
  • switched to matrix transforms
    v 0.4 (current)
  • updated UI
  • added options for reversing
  • removed specific angle option

So you can see I’ve made a fair few changes, I still want to add it:
Shrinkwrap option for non-topology-destructive changes
Simplify grease stroke option so it is not so dense.

You will probably see this addon in the next couple of weeks after beta testing.
I tend to post updates on my scripts on my facebook page:

Feel free to ask any questions :slight_smile:

Any news?

I actually forgot all about this script, been incredibly busy, will see if I can release it this week

I really would like to check out this add-on but I don’t use Facebook or Twitter.
Can you make it available on Git or something?

Are you in business with facebook and twitter? I prefer stick with boolean modifier for now…
Great script btw.

Now available for download from CG Cookie Script Bakery: