Trim tools

This is old addon of mine, I wanted to release when new blender booleans will be added to master, but it seems it will take a while, so here it is.
Located in left Tool Shelf-> Tools-> Trim View.

  • knife trim - cut geometry with knife tool
  • trim by selection - cut mesh in plane based on selected geometry normal. To define plane - select 2 or more vertices. Then you can offset the cut plane by pressing F6 and changing depth parameter.

The pie menu is my private setup, and addon is not distributed with it.

Grab it from here (free for now, but maybe I will sell it for 1$ in future, because usually nobody donates)
More info

Looks great! Will check it out later.

This needs more attention. Nice Addon thanks a lot.

Looks like a nice addition to my toolset. Thanks for sharing.

woow very FreeCADier for us :slight_smile: keep it up

Hey right after downloading it was working allright, but now it crashes on almost anything I am trying to do with it, even on simple cube. Do you have any plans on fixing that?

Any plans to update this addon for 2.8?