Trimmed Subdivision Surfaces are possible?

Hi, I was wondering, if you could implement the trimming for subdivision surfaces, avoiding rework the edges, now everyone knows the nurbs surfaces, are still a dream, but this might be a good solution.
If someone could take, this into consideration, it would be very helpful.

Trimming for Subdivision Surfaces
Sharp Features on Multiresolution Subdivision Surfaces


I always am to dream and to work with subdiv surface who reacts as Nurbs. After all i think it is possible to make it by talented developer. Your second link don’t work, please fix that?

Link fixed, Thanks!

The papers look pretty promising, I do like how the algorithms try to create a smarter use of existing polygons as opposed to the existing workflows of subdividing to a crazy amount so things appear as sharp.

I do wonder though, all of the examples concern perfectly sharp surfaces and cuts, I wonder if they would also function if the effect needs to be softer (like you have a perfectly sharp feature in your SubD mesh or a hole with a perfectly sharp edge, but you want those edges or transitions to be soft or rounded instead.

This is an old topic - no criticism towards the poster - and I think sofar it never was a hot topic to developers.

The problem I see with those techniques is that they seem not to provide an ability for beveling between surfaces
that trimm each other.

That’s why I pair Blender subd with Fusion 360 Subd - NURBS + nurbs tools!

Damn this saddens me, Blender needs this and a geometric constraint solver. You cekuhnen uses Autodesk and Apple; I, an cheap computers, running Linux, your world is easier. I think I will buy sooner or later a license for Linux of Moi3D, that works really well on linux.

there was something started like that in the old new Nurbs tools
but it has been dropped

I still have a win version to do beginning of trim curve
but it was a bit buggy using UV map

wish a genius can take over and finish that project

happy bl

I think in todays time the best is: sub-d to NURS like in Fusion 360