Trimming branches from TreeFromCurve script

Since v2.5 doesn’t have the TreeFromCurve script…I am forced to use v2.49b.

So, I model my tree and I go to add branches. I add deformed sub-surfed cubes at the tops of each tree arm to act as the bounding meshes. When I run the script, I get tons of small branches that is way too chaotic to be normal.

My question is how am I suppose to trim them down? It seems way too meticulous to go into edit mode and manually select vertices…There must be an easier way. Ideas?

I’m guessing you could play with the script’s parameters a bit. Also, if you hover over a vertex and press ‘L’, it adds every vertex connected to the one you’re hovering over to the current selection, making for quick selections.

The ‘L’ key worked like a charm. Thanks :slight_smile: