Trinidad TN30

I’m busy modelling one of Trini 30’s and i’m having a nightmare with the indent where the screws go throught the side plate. I have attached some screen shots - hope they make clear what i’m trying to achieve. Any suggestions on how to get this result would be AWESOME!!!


A few more shots…


well you have to model a screw head and it should be easy to do!

and the model will be mostly complete i guess

if you have anyother questionsto model the head then let us know

keep up the good work

Got the screw head sorted…not the problem. If you look closely you see the edge of the sideplate is beveled and the screw sits in an indent within this bevel if that makes sense…its this stupid little indent thats the problem. Sort of worked something out so will see if it looks ok!

Situate a face over the area where the screw should go. A squareish shaped face should work ok.
Click to make the face the “Active” face. With Subsurf enabled use Shift-E to control the amount of subsurf. I think this may make the indentation your looking for. Or this will get you close.