Triplanar node - Blender 2.81


is there a triple planar node in Blender 2.81?

or through third parties?


There you go. Replace RGB nodes with anything you want.

does this scheme that you posted make the edges of the mixed axes smooth?

No it does not.

You can do that :

I had a hard time to find that so it’s a pleasure to share :slight_smile:

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how do i make the other axes?

do you know how to simulate a warp node?

Syntax in blender is sometimes very individual but it’s much better since 2.80. Box projection is triplanar and warp is simply put something in the vector slot e.g. a texture.

Well the box projection makes the 6 axes with the same texture.
Then you can chose Sphere projection or tube projection :wink:

This one blends:

Not sure what you mean by a warp node, but probably you’d be modifying texture coordinates, like


are there procedural textures from third parties of materials like: marble, wood?

Yeah, all over the place. I used to recommend (but I don’t like their redesign so haven’t been there in a while.) You could check them out, or you could just google “blender cc0 material”.

I didn’t mean wood material

I want a wooden procedural map node ???
same as the checker map for example.


There’s probably a language barrier here-- I’m not sure that I understand exactly what you’re saying.

A wooden procedural map node is a kind of wood material.

If you’re looking for anything procedural, the same things I mentioned (blendswap + google for other sites) are a good idea.

If you’re looking specifically for wood, I don’t have any answers for you. I think purely procedural textures tend to look poor. To me, good texturing seems to involve combining everything you can possibly do, including both procedural and sampled (image) techniques.

If you mean “are there third party custom generator nodes out there” for wood and marble, then no, I haven’t seen any. Bricks&Tricks exists as an addon (not sure if it works with 2.82), but that’s about the only one I know - and it’s also only using existing nodes creating node groups packed as an addon, does add any really new types of generator nodes.

Attached is the triplanar mapping I’m using, supports blending. I think it’s based on NudelZ 6 planar setup. I haven’t tested the one shown above.
Box_Mapping_Seamless.blend (1.1 MB)
It’s only the box mapping part though. I removed the seamless part after somehow the seamless datablock got removed when purging using the cleanup function, even if it was being used. Bug?

I just had time to test it, and it really does. I recommend using that approach over the one I posted. This one is much more elegant. Using noise to set the blend or modify the normal, you can really hide a lot of obvious seams.