Triplanar node - Blender 2.81

Not that I know of. But here is an example.
triplanar_example.blend (1.6 MB)

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Take a simple plane and Bake (Bake type uv) into a 32 bit .exr. You take this as image. You don’t need to bake the objekt.

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is there a way to save these sets of nodes as a node just for use in other files?
and leave this set of nodes in the blender shading interface?

More than one way.

Nodes (including node groups) are stored on materials. So one of the easiest things to do is open a file, make a cube, put a material on it, and copy/paste it into another instance of Blender.

You can also append materials using the append interface (but I find that whole interface kind of nightmarish, I’d much rather just copy paste, and I always want to be able to edit things inside the file in which I’m working anyways.)

Once a file has a node group as a data block, it’s accessible from any material via shift-a -> search.

You can also create a startup file with materials in it. If you want, you can create a fake user for materials by clicking the shield icon next to the material, in which case the material won’t get deleted from the file even if no meshes are using the material, so if you want, you can save a startup file with a bunch of materials even without saving them on any meshes.

you know how to help me with this topic:

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I have a separate file with material functions and library stuff that I use all the time. These node groups are linked into a new file which is then saved as startup. If I update the library file, I just re-link everything and all new files will have the changes with no dupes created. In an existing project file, I also just re-link all the group nodes from the library file and no dupes are created.
The caveat being if you need to take the project file with you to work or something. Then you need to do menu Object/Relations/Make Local/All.
All the node groups in the library file has fake user enabled, that way they won’t disappear if you make them local and save the file. Maybe this behavior has changed, I haven’t checked.

Thank you CarlG, i was trying to find a decent triplanar shader, and finally there is something that works.