triple boot

I am really happy to finally be triple booting my system. I’ve wanted to use a debian based os for a long time and now I have ubuntu installed along with FC4. It took a little doing but now grub gives me all my options. My partitions are exactly how I like them and I am able to do so much more with the upgrade from FC3 to FC4. I’m anxious to be able to get under the debian hood and perhaps make a complete transition. I understand that debian is going to selinux soon so a lot of the stuff I use in FC4 should just go over.

Congrats! :smiley:

I’m sure you’ll find debian / ubuntu a pleasure to use.



I’ve used the gnome desktop for almost 10 years so no problems there. I just really like the idea of debian’s conformity to standards verses distro standards.
Tends to bring a little sanity to the whole thing. I tried a debian install about 5 years ago. I was too busy with projects to spend much time with it and the install was WAYYY over my head. My initial Linux install was RH 5.2 and I get stuck in ruts real easy since I am a creature of habit. The easy install with some Linux experience under my belt has really made it a dream. Linux apps are so incredibly powerful and there’s plenty of help around.

Boot Ubuntu, welcome APT. Wave goodbeye to RPM dependancy hell and smile. Any regrets? No? good :slight_smile:

FC has had apt for some time. I haven’t had any dependency problems in quite a while. I notice synaptic in ubuntu also. For all practical purposes on the surface there really isn’t much of a difference. But even when I did have a few libs missing it seemed that with a little persistence I was able to get over the hurdle. Now under the hood there’s quite a difference. Files are sorted and placed in new areas and different apps are used to accomplish the same thing. I’m enjoying it. I’m anxious to travel the various deb circles on the net to see what the community is like.

That sound like something I want to do.

Right now, I am dual-booting with Windows and debian based Mepis. But I would like to try triple booting with Gentoo.

Do you have any tips how to do this?

Do you share a /home partion between the 2 linux distro’s?

Do you have 3 bootable partitions (2 booting linux, 1 booting windows)? Or do you share a boot partition for the 2 linux?


I’ve got a copy of sarge i’ve yet to install, I’ve heard good things, but something about FC4 just keeps me hooked, I’ve got Suse on my lappy now, Its impressive, but i still cant get over the hurdle. I suppose in the end, as long as its set up the same the minutae of package management dont matter much.


I only share the swap partition. Remember this is a triple boot on three hard drives. Usually though there is a scream when there have similarly named partitions is the system. I can remember triple booting with Mandrake a few years back. When I installed RH 7.3 it renamed Mandrakes partitions /1 and /home1. I don’t recommend sharing /home but I’ve set up my current system so I can access all partitions from all drives through FC4. I do share the swap partitions without any hassle. You have to edit /etc/fstab and create directories in either /mnt or /media to access the other OS systems with my configuration. I do not mount the windows C:\ for any reason from either linux distro ;).
My main hassle with the triple boot was with grub on my FC4 partition. So I let FC4 acknowledge windows and placed the boot loader on the first partition of the FC4 drive (automagically) instead of the MBR. Then I installed ubuntu on the third drive. I placed the grub boot loader for ubuntu in it’s own root partition. I edited /etc/fstab in FC4 to include the ubuntu partitions. Then I create directories in either /mnt or /media of FC4 to reflect the ubuntu partitions. By this means I was able to mount ubuntu / and access the ubuntu /boot/grub/grub.conf from the FC4 drive. I just copied/pasted the ubuntu grub.conf particulars into FC4 grub.conf and tah dah! Triple boot time.

Your Suse thing and FC4 thing. That is exactly why I wanted to go with a debian based distro. The Big Boys in linux like locking you into thinking their way via file standards and methods etc. Debian is very much “by the book” as far as standards go and ultimately the other big boys are going to tow the line so why wait? But then again, it was RH that came out with RPMs originally and now many distros are going the way of SElinux via RH for security reasons also. So there is give and take. I just hate getting locked into someone elses mind set. If I wanted to do that I would stick with windows and pay for it.

Its not so much getting locked into the mindset, its when i try other distro’s i just dont feel at home, everything is foriegn, There have been two distro’s that have really made me feel at home, Fedora, and Slackware. I dunno, the debian i’ve used, its really really nice, I’ll give it that, but for some reason, It just feels foriegn…

hehe Northern Europe maybe? That’s where it originated. It’s the viking way of thinking. :smiley: I’m going to try and break into it because it has always held a mystique for me ever since I started with Linux. It was very basic, stable and moved along in cyberspace like an ox would 8) . That’s me for sure. Now that ubuntu has come out I can enjoy the best of both worlds. Stability and the latest app developments in one world. For sure FC4 will be my main portal with ubuntu sitting in the wings experimenting to take it’s place. There’s a lot of good things happening with linux. It’s just great. Now all I need is a new 'puter. (My wife is wondering why I need one when I have 6 oldish ones stacked around me and a few more up in the attic :slight_smile: )

Tell her a newer computer is like a younger wife, that’ll put things in perspective…

Heh, the thirtieth anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks. Bad timing for such comments. BUT when she sees a check or two coming in from blender work her eyes light up real quick. I’m in the process now of building a box for a website customer that is making me very jealous. He’s flopping $2,000 into neweggs pocket.

Heh, the thirtieth anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks. Bad timing for such comments. BUT when she sees a check or two coming in from blender work her eyes light up real quick. I’m in the process now of building a box for a website customer that is making me very jealous. He’s flopping $2,000 into neweggs pocket.

My wife just came by and told me to tell you that I spend all my time with the old computer and she can’t imagine how things would change much :-?

With the newer comp or the younger wife? Hahaha. Sounds like both our wives are candidates for membership in the North American Computer Widows Association.

But why! ubuntu = crap, fedora core = crap. If you want to learn debian and get under its hood, get debian! If you want to learn about linux, get one of the complex 4, gentoo, slackware, archlinux, or debian. Sorry, just venting my opinion, but really, ubuntu is too babying, and fedora core is just… ugh (shudders…) And so i don’t come off like some evil anti-newby-linux person, I have used both for extended periods of time.