Triple water cooled GPUs for free

Hi Blenderheads,

I’m upgrading the GPUs in my CG workstation and have three Blender compatible CUDA GPUs to give away at no cost to an artist with a system that can handle them and who can pay for shipping.

What’s included:

Requirements (Please take seriously before requesting):

  • PC motherboard capable of accepting multiple GPUS (e.g. free PCI slots, and BIOS support)
  • A custom water cooling loop as original GPU enclosure and fans are not included
  • Live in the USA and willing to send me a pre-paid shipping label (7 pounds)


Reply here if you are interested, and what Blender art you would render with them. If there are multiple responses, I will pick the winner using this:


No takers, eh? It seems a shame to drop these workhorses in the rubbish bin.

I mean I’m pretty sure most people are highly suspicious of this. Since you are giving away video cards during a gpu shortage. Those cards are worth $500-$700 each on ebay right now. So to give away something that could be worth up to $2100 is really suspicious. My gut response was it could be you are just trying to pawn off e-waste. Rather than pay the cost of properly throwing them away yourself. Especially the part where you mentioning clearing out the debris in water cooling blocks.

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On further reflection… I’d be down to see if I can get the trio running in a system I have laying around doing nothing (because I don’t have a gpu for it). They are literally free what do I got to lose? Well except custom loop fittings, Rad cost etc.

Would make them into a dedicated render farm box outside of my work area so I wouldn’t have to heat up that room. Also maybe just leave it running sheepit render farm when I’m not using it. So other blender users could reap the benefits. My long term plan is to do animations so it would come in handy. I could just send stuff to it and not have my main pc tied up.

I should have checked my direct messages! We have two potential GPU takers thus far: UnCommonGrafx and JSM (I’ve direct messaged both).

The cards are indeed actually free, and my only motivation is to ensure they go to an artist instead of the trash heap. 48 hours left to apply before the picker wheel spins to find a winner.

10 times better to go to an artist rather than a crypto-scalper. :slight_smile:

not sure where you live, but i have a recycle center that has an ewaste drop for only the cost of driving there. they even take it out of your car if you want.

Closing the loop on this:

Congratulations to UnCommonGrafx who won the PickerWheel spin! I have shipped the original boxes, fans, cases for the card and the GPUs with water cooling components. May they contribute to future Cycles X ray tracing goodness.

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Thank you, FutureHack!!
They have arrived and are sitting there being admired, at the moment.
Whoo hooo!
I will be cleaning them and awaiting deliveries over the holidays for parts to arrive so I can get them back up and running.
Without question, a munificent gift. The students will help me put it together once all the parts arrive.
(Hilarious: clicked on FutureHacks name and a block cleaning video popped up. Getting ready!)

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