Tripod walker WIP

I need help coming up with ways to fine tune this and add an environment/landscape. Any criticism is appreciated.


I get the feeling a metallic looking texture would improve the image greatly… even a bit of shine/reflection would help… And perhaps steer away from the inner-city suburbs and send this house out into a forest?

The feet look like they are sticking (like glue) to the ground. I would suggest making them more defined and separate from the ground level. Overall I really like it, totally War of the Worlds style. The neon green isn’t a very scary or intimidating color, a red might be better at that, unless you want it more playful. Also, I would add some greebles to the exterior, extruding planes with the the bevel modifier works really well for this.

The legs are a bit too thin for the heavy-looking feet, though I like the design of both. The “head” however looks a little too simplistic, kind of Mars Attacks instead of War of the Worlds (which I just happen to be watching – Spielberg’s version – as I type). The scale needs major help, try using a shorter camera lens, move closer in, and shoot from a low angle so it looks more imposing. The GI contributes to the miniature look – try a Sun or other means of imitating harsh sunlight, I think it would help “enlarge” the scene.

I could imagine a starry night, glowing lights on the green parts of the robot/alien thing, or daytime with trees and plants and grass…Maybe some more houses as if the house is in a neighborhood.