"Tripping" - short film

Hi guys,

I recently completed my second short film “Tripping” based on the feedback on my first film. The story was loosely inspired by a short film I saw years ago of which I can’t remember the name.

I don’t have an educational background in animation and filmmaking and hence the film may look a little amateur. The character animation looks a bit weird but hopefully the story is clear.

Tools used:

  • Blender - 3D modelling, lighting, rendering, compositing,…
  • Daz Studio 4 - Used Daz Genesis to generate the characters for the film.
  • Makehuman - For the background characters whose face isn’t really shown.
  • GIMP - some texture work.
  • LMMS/Reaper - Music production.
  • Renderflow and BURP renderfarm - Rendering of most of the frames.

Feel free to give as harsh a feedback as possible, as I can use this for my next project :slight_smile:

Looks really nice, main character has some obvious patches on the head missing hair, also the eyes look strange. But main part letting the animation down was the walking/run cycles throughout the piece. However work on these ( mainly the walking/running animations) will make this very interesting to watch. Overall i thought it looked very nice!

WELL DONE SOLOWY! A complete overhaul from your first film. This is something to be proud of. Hair was a little weak but not embarrassing – animation obviously could use a lot of polish but that will only come with experience – rendering was excellent, models were excellent. Overall simple but effective.

I’d give tips, but on a complete film you have to decide what your focus on – it could be reedited for a lot more impact if you want to work on editing, animation could obviously be polished (use FK for the hands when walking) – rendering (give a more distinct light source with higher contrast) but overall, way to go – if you can improve that much between your first and second attempt, I can’t wait to see what your third will be.

Thanks Thatimster! I did struggle a bit with hair and I should have added in eye pupils but realized it a bit late when I was well into production. I also do need to work alot on my walk/run cycles. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks Daren :slight_smile: Thanks for the rendering and walking tips, I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve been in awe how you make your animations so quickly and so well. I obviously need more experience in this area. Thanks alot for the feedback!