Tris to quads

Can anyone suggest a method to change tri’s to quads in blender other than the alt+j option, becuase its not removing every tri when i did that

I guess if there were a quick and easy option like that, retopology wouldn’t be a thing.

You can try “remesh modifier”. It shouldn’t leave any triangles but it hardly ever gives the wanted result

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No screenshots, no help

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If Alt+J doesn’t solve it then likely you’re out of luck and have to fix it manually. Sometimes it can be just 1 or 2 edges to dissolve / rotate, sometimes choosing what to change and what to leave as is. Or maybe tris are just fine in your scenario. Without more context no way to know.

Combination of alt-j and limited dissolve, ultimately some manual labor will have to be done. Without an example it’s hard to give advise.

Before ALT+J, select all, then remove doubles… sometimes that helps a little if there are faces that are not connected.

You can try the Boundary aligned remesh Addon.

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