After the Cybotrg:ish i was in the mood for something more organic, it still needs more “fish” characteristics but let me know what you think so far.

BTW:Triton is the spanish name for Fish-man creatures, i dont know if it is the same in English

Weel, I understand it as, in Italian, “Tritone” was the son of Poseidone, god of the sea, in the ancient greek mithology.

btw, nice model til now.

Thanks darko, here`s a small update

Looks like an interesting start.

Suggestion: Ears are too far back, and too high, also them seem to be twisted upwards, as if you rotated them from side view.

Also, the neck looks pretty strange, both in shape and anatomical placement.

What kind of body are you planning? A mermaid (merman?) tail?

Im not planning on doing the body, for now, i didnt like the ears so i removed them, im planning to remodel them, about the neck i used a reference from a book, and its like that but ill try and fix it :D , heres an update, the wrinkles of th forehead, reshaped the nose and removed almost every tri on the model, (just 2 remaining 8) ).

%| , no C&C, maybe if i start begging for it…, anyway here`s an update

Hey looking good :smiley: . Cant wait to see how this turns out, I have’nt seen any Tritons done in Blender I think. Keep em comming.

Thanks jackblack,another update, added two more tentacles, another view so you can see them

sweet i admire people who can model things using imagination

however i think the nose is o braod and i dont like the dint in the top of his head but if its the way u want it leave it

Looking good, but the neck is a little odd, like it almost doesnt look like he has one.

Speaking of neck… where is the gills?

An update, fixed alot of anatomical errors, i removed the tentacles and the flipper in the head so they didnt bother and i forgot to add them back, about gills, they are in the process of, i still dont know where exactly they should go.

I would recommend putting the gills toward the back of the jawline, if you know what I mean… also, one observation:
the suction cups on the tentacles… are on the top side on purpose? On sea creatures they are all on the bottom of the tentacle… just thought I’d mention it. Great work, I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

An attempt for the body, it`s the first time i try to make a “human” body :expressionless:


Heres a shaded view of it, i think here you can appreciate a little more the topology

Please, some C&C, it`s not that bad, come on…

Looking good the face especially is nicely modelled and I particually like the nose mouth area. The only crit I would have is that shoulder area seems to be on the larger side and also the area around the wrist looks like the vertices are a bit too twisted it might be better to run a loop up from there to make it fit better turning the tri’s into quads. It’s looking promising so far and there’s so much potential for texturing this character.Keep up the good work.

Levi. :smiley:

Looks nice, but since it’s aquatic why not make webbed fingers?

I agree on the webbed fingers. And possibly have a fin-like extrusion from the back of the arm and elbow area. Looks great so far!!

Thanks for the C&C, the fingers are going to be “webbed”, i hope i can make some realistic looking way to do that :D, it`s still far from over