Troble with GLSL need help plz

Please need to be able to use GLSL again, but even just in the 3D view port if I zoom in to the default cube/anything in GLSL textured mode it slows down and acts like I have a hight count poly mesh but it’s just a unchanged untextured 6 sided default cube.

I couldn’t find where my blender was installed at on my “Ubuntu Studios” so I had to remove it with the Ubuntu software center and I tried to remove it with

sudo rm /usr/lib/blender -r

in the turmenal
then I used
Then I to installed 2.74 by using.

sudo cp ~/blender /usr/lib/blender -r

Even if I went back to 2.69 that it came with I still have the GLSL speed drop. I’ve done all I can for my GPU dirvers that I can think of I might be running the wronger python virson or something I haven’t thought of yet, Pleas PM me if you have hade this problem or might know something to try.

Right out of the box blender and GlSL textured mode worked great so something after that upgrades or ect. stopped it from doing so. I have an AMD 4 core, 4 GB Ram, Nvidia 560 2gb DDR3 Ram

I sounds like a driver problem (e.g. emulating GLSL with the CPU rather than running at the GPU or even worse emulating the GPU with the CPU completely).

Btw. this has nothing to do with Python.

Those opensource linux drivers are utter garbage, make sure it’s obtained from nvidia’s official site rather than synaptic package manager.
Lack of proper drivers is one of the main reasons I still got Windows 8 dual booted with Linux Mint.

My GPU driver I changed to for my Nvidia the newist made by Nvidia had no Difference so it might be that the CPU driver is in-place of the GPU like “Monster” said.
I powered down and removed my 560 and turn it back on hoping I could use the motherboards descent ATI GPC but in the “Additional Drivers” nothing showed-up, unlike when I had my GPU in and I could chose what Driver to use.

so when I downloaded my newer blender it didn’t update any GLSL or other files on my system out of it’s main blender folder?

My Windows 7 OS i dual booted with is dead, I removed some harmful viruses and the program malwarebytes deleted some of my system files.

I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7.
Sorry if anyone gets the same bug, but I don’t know how or why it was happening.